Wednesday, October 11, 2006

(to this medium is not to be removed- international exposure of our plight is imminent and main stream media contact has been made and secured -any removal will result in mention of actions by blogger as such in world forum mainstream media- message to your forum was accidental. thank you.)
Main Web Site: Minnesota NWA Airline Profiling Attack/ Covert Tribunal: MN Senator Mark Dayton Refuses to Assist- MN Known for its racism and profiling trends
MN Governor Tim Pawlenty's campaign denounced racist on line

(For Presentation Links Map Guide Directory Please See Bottom) For My Main Web Site on the NWA Attack On Us:

Senator Mark Dayton Refuses Us Assistance Following Racial Profiling NWA Attack on us.

Following the NWA profiling attack/assault and battery, we approached not only governor Tim Pawlenty, but also Senator Mark Dayton. The captions herein are the applications forms we filled out to his office and his assurances that he was looking into the matter for us.

However, MN Senator Mark Dayton, like MN Governor Tim Pawlenty under him, would refuse us all assistance.

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